How to use our application ?

To use our « Clubs Guide for Golf Clash » application, you can follow the following tutorial step by step:

  • download our app on the Play Store
  • in a first, select the clubs you want to add in your golf bag. To do this, click on the desired club and click on the green button « Add to my caddie »

  • repeat the same action for the 7 clubs in your golf bag and make sure your golf bag is complete

  • click on the orange button on the right of the main page of the application to switch to mini-view widget

  • at this point, the « Clubs Guide for Golf Clash » application has been reduced and the mini-view widget mode is enabled

  • Now open the Golf Clash app and use the widget. The widget is draggable across the screen.

  • click on the 3rd button « Calculator », enter the wind value and confirm with the green tick. You have the number of rings to move for all your clubs to make a perfect shot.

  • you can also minimize the widget-mini view and maximize it by clicking on the 1st button

Une pensée sur “How to use our application ?

  • Avatar
    23 avril 2018 à 19 h 49 min

    I downloaded the app. Even paid the 1.99 for no adds. I then loaded my clubs.
    I restarted my phone because I couldn’t get the app to open again.
    Got the app to open, opened golf clash, this app disappeared and I never got the chance to use it. If I minimize golf clash it restarts itself, so I can’t go look for it. Hello me out, or at the very least give me back my money.


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