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In its fairplay policy between android and ios users, Playdemic had been looking for several months to prevent third-party applications like ours, Caddy or Notebook, from offering the overlay feature.

Unfortunately in the last update of May 15, 2019 Golf Clash, Playdemic has a feature at startup to encourage users to uninstall our application.

Indeed, when loading the game Golf Clash, the application scans the applications installed on your device (by the way, at the level of privacy is not top !!) and if Golf Clash detects that our application is installed, the game Golf Clash will be blocked until you uninstall our app.

Here is the screenshot of the Golf Clash launch with the new update below.

Workarounds to use our Golf Clash app

You can read below 4 methods to get around the restriction imposed by Playdemic until we put our own solution in place.

I) Install an apk from our Clubs Guide for Golf Clash app outside the Play Store

The only parameter to enable for this solution is to check the installation from unknown sources in the Android settings when our application asks you. In general, the tab unknown sources is in the settings then in the tab Security & Privacy and finally at the bottom in the section More.

Download our apk file Clubs Guide for Golf Clash

II) Install an application to clone our application and make it invisible

There are many applications that hide our Clubs Guide for Clash Golf app and so Playdemic will not be able to block the opening of Golf Clash even if our app is installed.

As an example, we used the App Hider Lite app

Here are the steps to follow to use this application.

  1. Download and install the App Hider Lite app
  2. Open the App Hider Lite app and click the Add Application button
  3. Select our Clubs Golf Club Clash App. Wait until the progress bar finishes.
  4. Stay tap the icon of our app and click create shortcut to have a shortcut of our app on your desktop
  5. Uninstall now our Clubs Guide for Golf Clash app.
  6. To launch our application, click on the application shortcut on your desktop

You will notice twice when opening our application a dialog box stating an error. Just click on the Ok button and you could play Golf Clash with our application.However, this error message only appears in the version with advertisements, this is due to the use of google services in a sandbox mode (ads, notification, inapp purchase). This error message will not appear in the paid version that will be available soon.

Download App Hider Lite

III) Use an earlier version of Golf Clash.

But this remains provisional as soon as a new Golf Clash update is deployed.

Download Golf Clash Version 2.33.2

IV) Using native apps

If you have a Samsung phone, you can use the application developed by Samsung, Secure Folder, which clones our application and make it invisible. (If you know of any other application do not hesitate to mention them in commentary)

Download the Secure Folder app for Samsung

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