Update wind values

Following the latest updates to the Golf Clash app, we have rectified and tested the wind calculator to be closer to reality. It is true that there are several applications, several websites, several excel files indicating wind values.

After long days to test the application, we have implemented the wind changes by rings that best respect the values ​​when you transpose them on Golf Clash.

In this new version of Clubs Guide for Golf Clash, the wind ring values ​​for all clubs have changed with more changes on rough irons and sand wedges. Here is an example to better understand these changes:

These values ​​appear when you open the mini-view widget.

The screenshot above shows you the wind per ring value for all clubs in your golf bag.

In this example, Extra Mile7 has a wind value of 2.15 per ring.

In this example, we entered a wind value of 10 in the calculator tab and here are the results obtained.

For the Extra Mile7, the value obtained is 4.65 rings to move for a wind of 10.

So just remember this simple formula usable for all clubs. Example, for Extra Mile 7, the formula is:

10 (wind value) / 2.15 (wind per ring) = 4.65 (number of rings to move)

Si malgré nos modifications de valeur de vent, vous constatez de grandes différences, nous vous remercions par avancer de nous contacter par mail sur contact@golfclashhelp.comen nous précisant les clubs utilisées et les différences de valeur

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